Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend

1/ Student-Faculty BBall Game
- Basketball is definitely a sport where you either look really put together or like a hot flailing mess.
- Surprise of the night was Dr. Schiano, who, for all intent, looks like he'd be good at sports but is in reality laughably spazzey.

2/ Matt 
- Matt called me during the student-faculty game. We chatted about his last day as a chicken worker before he enters the learning force and he told me he went to Waterton. With just Tiffany. Something about the way he mentioned that just him and Tiffany went made me laugh and in my most mocking, cynical voice ask "What did you propose?" He silently paused, which immediately made me realize what a jerk way to respond that had been. Because even if he hadnt, it made it seem like I was not pro-marriage. He asked me quietly if it would be such a bad thing if he had. To which I profusely said it would not. It would be awesome. And then I asked the big question. 

"Did you actually propose today?"

And he told me he had in fact proposed and that he and Tiffany were probably getting married in August. On Aug. 20th.
Which I laughed a bit at his phrasing... he starts with a probably and then pulls out a definitive date.
That is neither here nor there though.
I felt awful for stealing his thunder. Here he was calling to tell me his happy news and I had gotten cynical since its pretty common for people to go to Waterton to propose.
I'm very happy for my brother. And for my new best friend sister. I really and truly adore Tiffany and can think of no one better to marry my brother (Yes, I've been routing for Tiffany for quite some time). Tiffany is exactly what I've always wanted in a sister-in-law (someone who loves my brother and will be a part of our family). 

Dear Tiffany. 
I'm kinda not joking 
about being best friends. 
Love Missy

But I cant help but feel a little wistful.
Because things will never be the same again.
Its a beautiful, wonderful change though.
And Matt made sure to mention that I was the first person (besides Tiffany's mom who was at the house) to find out. (He did try phoning my parents, but they didnt answer so I beat them out for the number one phone call). He thought it was something I'd want to know right away. And he was right.
As I talked on the phone with Matt, he told me I could be his best man. But seeing as I dont think he knows how wedding parties work, I scoffed and told him I doubted very much he wanted me as his best man. He'd choose Will or one of our other cousins. And I didnt want him to offer me something he wasnt really offering (because in case you havent gathered I'm a wuss when it comes to disappointment). To which he told me I could then be the best sister at the wedding. I laughed and told him that wasnt a part of the bridal party and wasnt important. To which he replied with quite a bit of conviction that it was important to him and therefore mattered.
I love that even though this was his moment, he still was trying to make sure I didnt feel left out and that I knew that I am important to him and that he loves me.
Matt is a very good brother. And I know I am extremely lucky to have him.
And I shouldnt leave Tiffany out either. She is a wonderful addition to our family.
And we are lucky to have her.

3/ Pinkberry @the Pru
- I'm legit addicted to fro-yo. Seriously.

4/ Brie with Pistachio and Cranberry
5/ Relay For Life

- Seven spoons, disgusting heap of ice cream? ... you better believe I let that bucket pass me right by

- You cant ever go wrong with a free t-shirt. Love me some free t-shirt.
- Dee and Hayley showing off the goods after doing some fencing.

- Dean Hutter and his wife are adorable. Its my personal opinion that two very tiny people that are very much in love are the cutest type of couple and appear much cuter because they're like a miniature version of other normal sized couples in love.

- You know what I dislike about photos some times... when people dont take turns taking the shot... cause then everyones not all looking in the same direction. Lets all learn to take turns shall we. Our pictures will thank us.

- For some reason, with my last year approaching, I've been feeling the need to get as many group shots as possible. What can I say? I really love my friends and want to remember every moment. Thankfully, the group is a good sport about my tyrannical photo capturing.

6/ Sunny Sunday Walk and not so sunny dispositions

7/ Study group
It honestly amazes me every time how cheerful I feel after spending time with Lucinda and Derrick. Even when we are studying, I still am having fun. Even when I wish I wasnt studying. They turned my entire mood around without me even realizing it. I just love the study group so much.

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Laura Beth said...

I'm glad you and Tiffany will be related. I love her. She is among my favorite people, but she stinks at keeping the world (okay, just me) updated on her life so despite knowing she was engaged and her confirming, you have provided me with more details then her! Thanks M :)