Sunday, April 17, 2011



Alisun said...

you were do have fabulous hair today!!! that an uncovered mattress I see?!?!? gasp!!!!

Royall said...

Love the pencil skirt! I have yet to find the "perfect" pencil skirt. Help a girl out- where did you find it? And woot woot to the news about Matt's wedding!

Cathy said...

There's too many things to say to this. Post overload!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR MATT AND TIFF! Probably more excited than is reasonable. I saw her name come up on facebook the other day and just knew they were engaged. I could tell. I don't know how. Thank you for confirming.

And I'm super sorry I didn't get money to you for relay for life. I'm a bad friend with good intentions - forgive me?