Thursday, April 14, 2011

Med Campus BBQ

I love me some free food. But sometimes the lines to get it are ridiculous.
Seriously, this isnt even the entire line. And I got there right when it started!

But I worked the line like a champ.
There was an "only one" rule. Meaning one hot dog, one hamburger, or one veggie burger.
But I had plenty of time to come up with a winning strategy. That BBQ didnt stand a chance.
I went to the hamburger line first and then for the hot dog, cause the hot dog girl was way more chill.

And I remembered how much I love cotton candy. Fluffy happiness is what that is. Kinda brilliant.
All in all, med campus BBQ for the win!


Cathy said...

This doesn't really pertain to this post purely specifically, but I like your new stylistic blogging efforts. I need to step up my bloggability.

Cathy said...

And I love free food too. I wonder if U of S has free food...