Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feb 15 - Derrick's Birthday

Derrick Call is part of my study group and one of my really good friends in dental school.
He's also one of the legitimately funniest people I know.  The more you laugh at what comes out of his mouth, the more funny things he says and the funnier he gets - a positive feedback loop some might say :)
I absolutely have no idea how I learned material before I started studying with Derrick and Lucinda. I often remember material, strictly because Derrick turned it into a joke. 
So when he decided that for his big 3-0 birthday party, he wanted to go to a Trampoline Jump Place, I could think of no better way to celebrate a birthday. 

It was just like a birthday party when you were a kid. I loved it so much.
Cause who says you cant do fun things once you get older?
And boy was he excited for his party!

Seth was practicing his jumping while we filled out consent forms and waited for people to arrive.

So you fill out forms, and they give you shoes to jump in. The shoes are hi-tops and I didnt think I would like jumping in them. But they absolutely saved my ankles a million times. Cause I'm clumsy and never jump on a tramp and almost biffed it a million and one times and almost twisted my ankle. But those hi-tops. Magic is what they were. Even though when I asked for my size the boys couldn't believe how big my feet were. It was all worth it. Mocking included.
Me, Amit, Derrick, Seth, John

We did some warm up jumping.
Showed off any tricks we had remaining from childhood.
Things like that.

Then we got to the main event...

Some things about Trampoline Dodgeball:
- Dan has a freaking rocket arm (Why I was never on his team I dont know - poor planning on my part)
- Dee Gulis is a total survivor, as is Mike Rolin (they often were the last people left on my team)
- Adding flying balls doesnt make me more coordinated (which really isnt all that surprising)

 Annie and Mel were there cheering us all on.

The Call Family

Really great birthday party. I highly recommend a tramp jump to anyone looking for a good time.

P.S. Sometimes I'm a bully. And put a sticker on Seth's back where he cant reach :)


Alaya said...

Im jealous, we need a place like this here.

Also, i'm impressed and enjoy the seth trying to get the sticker of his back animation thing.

Royall said...

No! There is really such a thing as trampoline dodge ball! That is my idea of exercise.