Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aaron's Birthday - March 5th

Sparkling Apple Cider
I know this doesnt seem like much, but this here bottle of sparkling cider is one of the most thoughtful things I've ever been presented with. It doesnt just represent a choice of drink. No, it is much deeper than that. For me, this bottle represents my friends' desires to include me. It makes me feel such a deep gratitude for the friendships I've made in Boston. There's a lot of joking and razzing in my group, but when it comes right down to it, I know that they like me, exactly as I am. They dont judge me for not being better at this or that. Or for saying stupid things. They dont care that I dont do all the same things they do. 
So to show up at Aaron's and find that he and Sabrina made sure I felt included and had something to drink... well, it was a really nice moment. And very, very thoughtful. Making sure I had some nice mormon drinkage was completely unnecessary.
My friends are like that though.
Wonderfully accepting, accommodating and considerate.
I legitimately could not survive school without them.

But Sabrina planned a surprise lunch for Aaron. We played a couple minute to win it games, had some Upper Crust Pizza and probably the best ice cream cake of my life (from that Cold Stone homie).

After their pubcrawl, Aaron wanted people to come back over to his house to play games.
He opened gifts, and we hung out.
Sabrina also got Aaron a sweet tea pot and awesome Jurassic Park book. 
I like that I caught this action shot.

And this one.
I love this photo! 
We played some NBA Jam on Wii.
I forgot what an awesome game that is.
And that occasionally I like video games.
And yes, Derrick is completely serious about this game.
Lucinda and I played together, and we did pretty well for ourselves, considering neither of us plays video games ever.
It was a really fun night. And I was so glad I got to celebrate Aaron's birthday! He's one of my favorite people at dental school and so ridiculously funny. And any reason to get together and hang out with my friends is a good reason!

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