Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cake Pops

Once upon a time, I took a soiree into domesticity.
I'd heard about cake pops and wanted to try making them.
We were having a girls night, so I decided to try making them.
This is what I did...

Some things I wish I knew before making Cake Pops:
1. When in doubt, freeze it out - The cake balls should be frozen before you attempt to coat them in chocolate. Because if they arent set enough, they fall apart. And after you stick the sticks in with chocolate, that should be frozen too. Otherwise as you're coating with chocolate the balls fall off the sticks.
2. Microwaving the chocolate works the best. Just microwave it till melted and then re-heat 15-20 seconds if the chocolate stiffens. I completely ruined an entire bag of chocolate chips by heating the chocolate on the stove. 
3. I didnt have lollipop sticks, but I took shish-kabob sticks and cut the pointy end off and cut them in half and they worked great
4. The back of a spoon works great for spreading the chocolate around the balls.
5. Size matters. Smaller cake balls were easier to coat in chocolate than bigger cake balls.

So they say to let the chocolate coated cake balls set stick side down in styrofoam, but I just set them cake/chocolate side down on the tray. They werent pretty by any means but they worked out just fine.
And they were a big hit at both the girl night and the book club I went to.
The hardest part was coating them in chocolate. And if I had thought to freeze them I'm sure I would of had less issues.


noelle said...

I tried making cake pops once... long story short, I've never attempted again! However, you've inspired me to try once more... I think I have some cake mix in my pantry. Wish me luck!!! Yours look scrumptious by the way. Mmmm, I'm hungry.

Cathy said...


The first time I had them I thought the creator was a genius. They are so delicious. And a fantastic little treat. Thank you for your tips. Perhaps one day I too will attempt these treasures.

K's said...

Incredible treats made with t.l.c! How much time do i need to set aside to make these yummy cake pops??


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

They still look cute and I bet they tasted great!

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

UMMMM.... YUMMMM! those look heavenly. Can making them be added to the list of things to do during your few precious days home this summer?