Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glass Blush

I got new glasses. And well, people have noticed.
I was telling Alisun about them and mentioned that I dont actually need glasses. I just wear them because 1. They function as safety glasses and 2. They're cute.
Ever since I first saw my always cool cousin Angie wear fake glasses, I've loved the idea. 
Because it allows you to change up your look so simply.
Cause sometimes glasses are darling.
Dont judge me for  being a poser.
But Alisun thought this small fact was ridiculous. Cause I wear fake glasses so I'm cute.
And it is ridiculous a little, but I'll defend the virtues of it to the death (for starters, fake glasses fit so much better than my crappy safety glasses...)

Fast forward to yesterday.
I see Alisun sitting at a table for lunch. And she's talking with this guy that I dont know.
He's cute. And cute enough that you notice he's cute.
So they're talking and I come and sit down.
And Alisun goes to the guy "Oh hey... do you know Melissa here? Well, she wears glasses so that she can be cute." And he laughs and I shake my head.
And the conversation moves on and past that.
Well, as he's leaving this cute second year goes "Oh, and Melissa? You look really cute with your glasses."
To which I blush and become a teenage girl and stammer what I hope sounded like a thank you.
And beside me Alisun dies laughing.
I made her day getting flustered because of that compliment.
And she told a few other people how flustered I got cause a 2nd year thought my glasses were cute.

So today, we're sitting in a room working on some busy work. And I look up and who should be poking his head in the window but the second year... and he makes a glasses sign through the window and gives me a thumbs up. I died... and Alisun laughed.

Turns out I need to work on not embarrassing so easily.
Really though. It is a little funny.


brock + amy said...

I agree with him! cute cute cute!

Royall said...

I'm busting a gut laughing right now. I love that you blushed. You are so cute in your imposter glasses.

Tamsen said...

I also don't need glasses but used to have fake ones. I always loved having the option for a different look. I would agree also, they are very cute.

Alisun said...

hahaha!!!! I just died laughing reading this and reliving the great glasses debacle of 2010...
I don't think you're ridiculous! and they are super cute...buuuut it still cracks me up that they're for fashion not function!
also...I stand by the fact that you and the 2nd year should get married and have adorable curly haired babies...who may or may not wear glasses.
The end.

Melissa said...

Ha. Pretty sure the second years wife might disagree with that arrangement!

Cathy said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh I love it. Not gonna lie, when I first read that you got new glasses, I was like what the heck melissa doesn't need glasses?! I knew I missed your trendiness. Sorry to hear 2nd year is married though, coulda been love.