Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ups

I made my own mac and cheese.
I was kinda unaware that making mac and cheese without Kraft or Cheese Whiz was possible until just recently. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I'd never seen it done before. Of course I'd heard of it being possible. But I had no concrete proof things of that nature werent just a rumor. But I gave it a go tonite. And I'm not terribly upset at the result. I cooked my pasta, added some milk and then stirred in a bunch of cheese. And suddenly it was a cheesy sauce like concoction.

Talking to my cousin Jesse.
The thing I like most about Jesse is that when I say or ask something that sounds fundamentally stupid, he doesnt dwell on the stupidity of the question (for instance, I told him today that I really have no idea how to go about getting a job upon graduation, considering I will have never worked as a dentist). No, instead of making me feel even dumber, he talks me through it like its the most natural thing in the world. And he acts as though this next phase of uncertainty in my life, while challenging, will be completely exciting. His complete faith in my ability to figure my life out is contagious. He talks me through the process and makes the theory of it sound so simple. Add to that the fact that he relates everything to the gospel, and talking with him reminds me to take note of the blessings the gospel brings. He told me today that he got in a fight over the weekend. Some big, tough island guys started the fight, and he believes that, like the Nephites, he was able to overcome these guys, because he was strengthened by a righteous desire to defend. He didnt go out looking for the fight, but he also wasnt going to let them walk all over him. Its really refreshing to hear the gospel related to everyday life like that. And talking to Jesse is always a nice little reminder to continue working to become the best version of myself that I can. I just really love my friendship with Jess.

I ran 5 miles.
I'm trying to become a better runner. With that half mile (erm I mean marathon not mile), looming ever nearer, I want to be prepared. So I'm trying to get my body used to running longer distances. I know that if I run consistently my running improves. And it always feels great to tack on a distance that used to feel impossibly long. I hope that one day, running five miles will feel easy. But I suppose, three miles doesnt yet feel easy to me, even though I know I could get up from the couch and do it.  I think I will always struggle to feel accomplished in what I do. Its so easy to not feel good enough. But I'm really trying hard to change how I think. It may seem strange, but I have a knowledge that I dont completely suck, while at the same time I find it impossible to believe that I could be good at anything.

I got a Written Analysis and Occlusal Analysis signed.
I know it doesnt sound like much, but getting signatures is one of the most challenging thing about dental school. We have to have everything signed off. And the simple act of getting a signature, immediately leads me to feel very accomplished for that day. With the end of the semester, comes the stress of completing the required number of activities and points. And each signature is a micro-step toward it. It honestly feels great when things are approved and I get to check one more thing off my list.

Spring Softball Round 1 goes to the Ball Burnishers.
I have great friends. And I have so much fun with them. I was anxious about softball. And I had a rather trying day. But our game, well, it brought the joy bubbling back up to the surface. Its just a really fun game. And there is such a camaraderie among us. I got on base each time I was at bat, and I didnt do anything terribly embarrassing when we were on the field. I just like us.


lurel said...

If you are ever in need of an awesome running training book, "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" is awesome. My father-in-law who is 50-something uses it for his many, many marathons that he runs. He lent it to me, and I went from not having run in like 5 months to doing a half marathon in under 2 hours in like a month. It's the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Change of plans... I'm only focusing on triathlons and 5Ks this summer.The first tri is in 10 weeks. Are you doing Magrath for sure? I think I will sign up today if you are.

Mom Harker says the book Marathoning for Mortals is great.