Tuesday, March 1, 2011

State of Affairs

1. My room is disgusting. As in the space left for my feet to stand is progressively diminishing everyday (dont judge me). As in the space pretty much does not exist anymore (go ahead, judge me). Its a little horrifying... and needs to be remedied ASAP. But obviously not before my huge four hour Perio Final. I wish my parents could come and clean my room again... or come do my laundry.

2. Oh Exercise. Remember when I was a dedicated soul? And now I cant bring myself to do anything? I blame it on my need for new runners. So I guess add that to the list - Buy new runners. But I think I'm doing another 10K in April, a tri in July and a half marathon in August. Turns out I should probably get over my mental block and start doing stuff.

3. I've recently become very insomnia prone. Blame stress. Blame school. Blame foolishness on my part. Blame drama. Blame all of the above. This wont end well though. Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.

4. Being masterful at procrastinating, I've currently been obsessing about what I'm going to do when I graduate and where in this massive world I'll run off to. Being done has stopped being a far off thing that happens ages from now. And I've started getting the sinking feeling that maybe I ought to at least pretend to make plans.

5. I'm starving. All the time. Maybe I'm going through obesity puberty (that lovely stage of life where you eat and gain enough to send you into your obesity stage of life)... but I've seriously been ravenous.

6. I was grumpy and unfocused during studying today. That should make tomorrow's test a delight.


Shel said...

Insomnia is not good Melissa. I know it well. Find some Kefir and enjoy some healthy smoothies this will make you feel good. Take a good magesium supplement (Peter Gilhams Natural Calm - Lemon Raspberry). It will really help to ease the stress & anxiety.
Sleep is a good thing even when time is hard to find. It is best to go to sleep around 9 pm get up early. You'll get a better rest. Praying for your health & strength so you can ace your exam. Luv u

Anonymous said...

I've been ravenous as well. I'm also planning to do a 10K in April, the tri in July of course and a half-marathon in August. I need to get consistent about shaping up butt up for them.

Alisun said...

I need new runners too!! (Assuming that means sneakers)
New kicks before movie madness (assuming this occurs on Saturday)?

Cathy said...

I think I've contracted something similar akin to restless leg syndrome meets insomnia. Either way I feel your pain. Trent's perio test is Tues this week. He feels your pain too. love you!