Sunday, April 3, 2011

Matt Wertz

Alisun is a HUGE Matt Wertz fan. And when she asked if I wanted to go to his concert, I couldnt think of a reason why I wouldnt want to.

This is Ben Rector.
He opened for Matt Wertz. 
But we totally missed that.
But he was wearing suspenders and played the piano with Matt Wertz.
He had me at suspenders though.
Seriously, what boy doesnt look completely dashing in suspenders?
I didnt get a chance to hear his music until I got home (
He's pretty good.

Robert was a lucky boy since it was him and like seven girls.

Before going to his concert I'd only heard one song... 
but I liked it. He played it during the show and 
it was amazing. 
I had chills.

Dee and Alisun are my go-to "do things" friends. They often suggest concerts, plays, shows or movies. Its always a very fun time. And I'm really happy I have friends who give me fun things to do. I'm not great at finding things to do, but I'm always down for other people's suggestions!

My favorite part of the show was when Matt Wertz would talk. He's a very funny and charming guy. And was very entertaining. It was a fun night. 

Dee managed to get the set list. And got it signed by everyone in the band.

And Matt Wertz came out and we got an awesome group shot.

I made sure that Alisun had something just for herself though!
 Thanks for suggesting it Alisun!
It made for a really fun night!


Alaya said...

Wow. I've always wanted to coment on a future something... You posted this Monday... Its still Sunday here, and i'm a geek like that. Now, I'm actually going to read it, and might actually comment.

Alisun said...

I love this whole post...and it was so awesome having ppl actually want to go to a MW concert w/me b/c most ppl just don't get his comedic genius or his amazing musical talents.
And even though I hate every picture that I'm in, I love ever one of them! Especially the one of just him and me...thanks for pushing me past my awkward 14 yr old girl tendencies !!!
<3 !

Royall said...

Suspenders are dashing. I came so close to buying Jonas a pair.

DB said...

I love Matt Wertz! Well, I can't really say that because I've only heard a few of his songs, but 5:19 was my favorite song for forever.