Monday, April 4, 2011

Dental Prom - Part 1

I headed over to Sabrina's so that her, Dee and I could get ready together. Since I was doing her hair I figured I'd be ready before I got to her house.

Which was definitely the smart decision, since I also ended up doing Dee's hair.

I wont lie, I was really proud of how Dee and Sabrina's hair turned out. Sabrina's I curled with my straightener. And I did a bit of a 50's inspired half up-do for Dee, which I'd never even attempted anything similar before. So I couldnt help but love how great they looked and that I had had a hand in creating it.

I pinned curls (instead of letting them go into ringlets)... I actually think her hair looked better once she started dancing and it loosened a bit. But this picture is definitely a prom shot!

Lucinda and Dan met us at Aaron's. 
Jess did Lucinda's hair. And I added the flower and tucked back in a couple pieces that fell out. As usual Lucinda looked awesome.

So everyone was very impressed with my hair.
I'd curled it with a pencil and a straightener (which blew a few minds).
It took me about two hours for those curious souls out there.
But I really liked it.
Sometimes I wish I had tighter curls. And for the night I got to have them.

 We took a few shots of all of us girls.

And this officially might be my favorite photo of Me, Lucinda and Dee.
I kinda love us!

... To Be Continued


becky said...

you look so good in that dress haha, so cute. and how the heck did you curl your hair with a pencil?

Erika said...

Love your dress.

...and your hair.

and of course, you!

DB said...

You did that with your straightener and a pencil? Hm. I'm going to have to look that up. I can do the loose straightener curl deal, but not that.

Melissa said...

All you have to do is wrap pieces of hair around the pencil, then clamp the straightener on the pencil. Takes forever but works really well.

Cathy said...

I can't even imagine where the pencil/straightener inspiration came from, but you rocked it. Cudos. How much do you charge? Let's do this to mine. All two feet of it.

Alaya said...

Ok...the pencil and the straightener.... I still don't get it, but you looked awesome!