Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Groton Road Race 2011

We headed to Lucinda's sisters' house on Saturday. We got there and hung out on the lawn.
It was a gorgeous sunny day. 
Bray, Lucinda's nephew kept us well entertained.
He showed us his ninja skills.
And raced his bike around.
And read stories.
Then we painted the living room in their house.
For some strange reason I was really tired this weekend.
But it was great being at Lucinda's sister Rissie's house.
We had homemade pizza and watched Despicable Me in the basement theater they have, and when it finished at 9:30pm, Dee and I could have sworn it was midnight.

On Sunday morning I woke up and had some breakfast and then went right back to sleep till we had to leave for the races. We had a full day of races, with someone in each of the runs (Tot trot, 2K, 5K and 10K).

While we watched the different little kid races, it was kinda hilarious. One kid was way out in front winning their race and just bawling the entire way. 

I still was kinda half awake when the 5K rolled around.

Having not really been a stellar runner lately, this 5K was not the greatest. I was pretty much dead at the finish. But Dan was a sport and ran with me and gave me lots of encouragement to keep running.

My time was 33.59.

All in all it was a great relaxing weekend! And a great start to the revival of me running consistently.

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Shelby Lou said...

This looks like fun! You survived!!! Wooooo! Don't you just love the feeling after running? It's amazing.