Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dental Prom - Part 3

I used to feel CRAZY awkward when I would dance. Because the thing about dancing is it kinda exposes you. And I was very self-conscious about looking stupid for a long time (not to say that I dont still have my moments - Lethbridge dances bring out the 14 year old in me). I didnt know how to dance... but my half effort just made it worse. As such, I didnt love dances. I avoided dances like the plague for a long time. But in my second year of University I lived with a girl who loved dancing. As roommates we would have dance parties (meaning the music would be blasting and the three of us would be dancing in our apartment - and yes, Petey from downstairs would often catch us having an impromptu dance party). I realized that just being yourself was a lot more fun than trying to appear cool. Julie (my roommate), was luminous when she danced. She would just go wild and crazy and it was completely a sight, but enchanting. She just didnt care if she looked stupid or not. And as such, she looked awesome and self-confident as she danced. It made dances a lot of fun.
Since then, I've really tried to not care if I happen to look a little ridiculous while dancing. As long as its fun, who cares? 
My classmates we're very surprised that I'm not an awkward dancer.
I was telling Alisun how I couldnt believe Aaron thought I'd be an awkward dancer.
And I go "What about me says 'Awkward dancer'?"
To which she replies "What about you DOESNT say awkward dancer? Mormon, white, Canadian... Seriously, have you met you?"
  I just had to laugh. Touche Alisun, touche.
I'm a total freak when I dance.
Which led to lots of pictures of me dancing on Prom.
Apparently I drop alot of gang signs.
But I had a lot of fun. I love music, and when it comes right down to it, I love dancing. And I think having fun and enjoying yourself is a little more important than pretending to be cool.

I cant help but be completely embarrassed by this next picture.
But it is funny. Too funny.
And I'm not so bashful that I'd bury it.

Most normal face I've ever made while dancing.
And I love love love Lindsey in this picture. 

One of my favorite people on the dance floor is Derrick Call.
White, mormon, from Utah.
You'd never guess he was such an awesome dancer.
But he's hilarious. And a complete riot.

After the Gala wound down, I went back to Aaron and Sabrina's house to grab my things.
They really wanted me to stay and watch a movie with them, so I did.
I got into comfy borrowed sweats and got settled.
Of course, both of them fell asleep before the end.
My favorite part? Aaron's hand in her boot. Its darling.

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