Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls Night!

I can tell that I'm beginning to enter a new phase of life. Weekend study sessions are being replaced with group activities. Stressed out days are being eased by non-school related company, food and conversation. I cant get over the feeling of it. I've never experienced anything quite like it. And it feels like I'm finally living a life I want to. One that doesnt revolve solely around school. These get togethers are a breath of fresh air. They feed oxygen into my lungs. It is a calming influence and I can breathe. Even if just for a moment. I find that I am filled with a delirious gratitude for the friendships I have developed and am currently developing in Boston. I cant get over how amazing my friends are. I walk along the street and when they cross my mind I find myself grinning broadly. The future is often uncertain, but I hope it always contains the friendships I have made here in Dental School. I would choose these friends even if we werent in Dental School together. And I have such admiration for the people that they are. They individually and collectively are amazing. And I cannot forget how lucky I am to have become their friend. 

That being said, I'm not sure who's brilliant idea girls night was. I think it might have been Lucinda's (prompted by the day when I randomly did her hair). But maybe it was all of ours. It is so easy to feel lonely, and as such, when the opportunity comes to reach out and connect with each other, excitement abounds plentifully and we all rushed to make this night more than just a plan. It was funny too, because when we were making plans in front of the boys they went "You're having a girls only party? ... That means we can have a Man Night! AWESOME!" So as a group we divided into our sexes to spend time and just enjoy each others companies. 

We each planned to bring some food and any tips and tricks for hair and makeup that we had. I had spent all day making Cake Pops. Since sometimes I get very ambitious and want to impress my friends.

The food was amazing, and we spent the first couple of hours just eating and talking. We talked about so much and it was wonderful. I know it doesnt sound like much but I laughed so much and had a great time. It really doesnt take much aside from good friends, food and conversation for me to be happy and enjoy myself.
In case you were wondering, I cant even pick a favorite food item because it was all amazing. Jess also brought some food. But I didnt get a shot of her contribution (chips and salsa and hummus).

We then decided that it was time to start getting glam.
We certainly had the resources.

As an ode to girls nights before, we put on facemasks.
The group decided that my method of face mask application was ridiculous.

But I just laughed.

We watched "Teen Witch" and "Mannequin" - even though I'm pretty sure I didnt see a minute of the latter.
Our particular favorite moment was the "Top That" Rap. It was all sorts of magic.
In case you've forgotten, here's a clip.

 The facemasks definitely brought out the ridiculous.

Dee called at midnight and we were just starting to do hair and makeup, so we told her to head on over.

 Its a little silly to get ready, only to go to sleep. But it was really really fun.

I had an amazing time. I love laughing. And I've remembered that I really like doing hair and makeup on other people (My back up plan if I hadnt gotten into Dental School was to do hair school). I'd kinda forgotten about that. Its amazing how easy it is to forget how multifaceted my interests are when I get busy doing school. Because I really and truly have many interests. Just sometimes I forget that. 

It was a lovely evening. And I have really beautiful friends.
It was a wonderful evening.
And by the time we went home to bed, we wished other people would get to see the results of the nights.
So here they are.

Thanks for a great evening Ladies!

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Alisun said...

This might in fact be the best blog post I've ever seen...
it's got everything you could ask for!
Plot line, graphics, video, awesome captions in spectacular fonts...
I'm in awe!!
I suspect it will be impossible to "top that!"