Saturday, March 27, 2010

Goldman Gala

Lindsey Jackson and I headed home after our Fixed lab to get ready.
I was super glad to have Lindsey, cause that meant I didnt have to show up alone.
Plus getting ready is more fun to do with someone else.
Lindsey voted for this little number.
Whatdya think? 
I do alright.

And of course we would have an ice sculpture of a big tooth.
We are dentists.
(Me, Derrick, Mel, Lindsey)
(Lucinda, Me, Lindsey)
I was really glad that I had Lindsey, Lucinda & Dan and Derrick & Mel.
Cause getting to the party I realized I dont know very many people.
Mostly I was there for the food. The Hors d'ล“uvre were great.

Derrick and Mel are super funny.
Here they are with their flower napkins. Very classy.

The founder of our school's birthday cake. (which tasted pretty good)

(Shawn Groyeski, Elizabeth Merritt, Dan & Lucinda Barry, Me, Lindsey Jackson, Derrick & Melinda Call)

After dinner there was dancing. 
It was hilarious to see some of our teachers and clinical instructors rocking out on the dance floor. HILARIOUS.

    Like Dr. Cataldo Leone. He had quite a few moves.

And Dr. Jurasic - she's the most wicked preclin instructor... whom all the guys have crushes on and would be jealous they missed dancing with her. So we orchestrated it so that we could dance with her. 
It was especially funny, cause here is Derrick, dancing between her and her husband.
She danced with us for like twenty minutes... it was so rad.

And there may have been a dance off between Lindsey and Derrick.
Derrick held nothing back.

In the end, Lucinda made off with one of the table center pieces.

Perks to being at a dental party.


Shel said...

cute black dress melissa... looks great on you.

Bonnie said...

You look soooo good. And your red lips are divine! Sounds like you had fun.

Amit and Heather said...

You looked fantastic! Glad to see you had a fun time!

Julie said...

one word. HAWT.

K's said...

red shoes baby!!! They give great kick to your "made for Melissa" black #!! CLASSY!!

Deidre said...

Pretty you, pretty Lindsay. Maybe you converted us to coming next year. Brad hasn't wanted to go (didn't even tell me about it last time!) but I think you converted me. Sounds like a great night.

Royall said...

You look gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone!

Cathy said...

I love the tooth ice sculpture. And the little black number - where'd it come from?

~Ivy~ said...

A tooth ice sculpture....sweet!