Friday, March 12, 2010

Feb. 26 - The Afterparty

This party began with a competition.
Three Uncles. Three Roasts.
Multiple Winners.
Uncle John's was super juicy.
Uncle Rod's was really flavorful.
My dads was really tender.
My uncles are brilliant. As is my father.

There was plenty of cousin bonding.
And I love cousin bonding.
(Mysha and James)           .          .

(Katie and Meribah)                                                                                                  (Ali, Brit, Peyton, Kyle, Mysha, Me, Tia)
(Meribah and Jesse)                                                                      (Ali, Kyle, Peyton, Brit)
(Marshall, Ben, Maikal, Brandon, Nathaniel, Ylanna, Melina)
(Ylanna, Melina, Sterling, Christien, Ali, Brit, Kyle, Mysha)

I just love this picture. I love people's faces. And how everyone is so close.
(Tia, Makea, Christien + Sterling, Ali, Kyle, Maikal, Mysha, Nathaniel, Ben)

There are was some baby throwing.

A few tips to successful baby throwing:
1. Jump while throwing. Allows the baby to go higher.
2. Make sure you are in the open or have tall ceilings.
3. Make sure someone (anyone really) is on the other end. The more confusing it is for the people watching as to who is going to catch said baby, the better.
and above all else...
4. Make sure you catch the baby.
Even if catching knocks you off your feet.
Safety first.

Uncle Rods' Family

My family (minus Matt and Josh)

The children of Thomas Gilbert and Veia-Atua Te Matai-Roa Te Atua-Nui Gwendoline Love Lowry
(William, David, Paula, Matthew, Thomas, Moana, John, Tia, Rodvern)

Now I love my family. But I wont pretend that I was close with my grandparents. I wasnt.
I cant even fathom those kids, who rave about their grandparents and spending weekends with them. That isnt how it was for me. The Wilde grandkids weekend... Grandparents who turn into confidants... I cant picture it. Not even a little. The only time I visited was because I wanted to please my father. I'd do anything to make him happy and win his approval. And part of me wishes that there werent so many secrets that I dont know. That I knew my grandparents - the real them, instead of the few memories I have, most of which have me sure they had no clue who I was. But I dont know them.

But I love what my grandparents gave me.

I may not have known them at all, but they gave me my father. And him I know. And I am grateful everyday for that. For my brilliant, fun and lovable father. And they gave me cousins, who are amazing. They are each unique and we all have our strengths (and of course I have favorites). But there is always unconditional love. Cause we're family. And above all else I pick them. Over anyone. They're the friends who last. And I'm not foolish enough to dispute that.
So ya, me and old people arent tight. But they gave me people that I could be close to.

But Maikal and Ben made trifle at Grandpa's.
They make a mean trifle, filled with strawberries, bananas, kiwi, oranges, 
apples, pistachio pudding, whipped cream and jelly rolls.

Brandon Hearty isnt part of our family.
But he made all our thank you cards.
By hand no less.
It was pretty awesome.

Are you wondering my favorites?
These three.
Iohane, Jesse, Maikal.
They made February for me.
And I'm so grateful for their friendships.
They make me feel brave and strong, even when I know I'm not.

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Alaya said...

Baby Throwing=Awesome!! I don't think we've ever thought to add another person its always just one throwing baby staright up.
Wait...There was this one time...but that ended in brain damage so...

Also, I LOVE how much you love your family.