Monday, March 22, 2010

PCS BP - The Made Up Recipe

As requested here is the recipe.
Its ghetto and for awhile I couldnt remember what a frying pan was called.
But it gets the jist of it all across. 

And I promise... I'll stop only talking about this one meal.

Ingredients (most things are cut up to be bite sized)
2 Peppers - cut into strips (or could be cut into squares)
Four thin steaks (about 2 pounds of meat total) - cut against the grain into strips (easier to cut if the meat is frozen while you're cutting it)
One large white onion - chopped 
Package of mushrooms - chopped
Two green onions (scallions) - chopped up really small
Six or seven Russett potatoes - washed, dried, stabbed with a fork and the outside buttered
Package of provolone cheese - could be cut into cheese slices or grated
Tablespoon of olive oil
Montreal Steak Spice
(Makes enough for six or seven large baked potatoes with plenty of topping)

Set oven to 350 F and wrap potatoes in tinfoil and place on a baking sheet for an hour and a half. Half hour to forty five minutes before you want to eat, set out two stove top pans with lids and set the burners to medium-low. In Pan 1 - throw olive oil and onions in and let cook until they are starting to go translucent. Meanwhile in Pan 2 - put meat strips in, season with montreal steak spice and cover till cooked well through - flipping midway through and seasoning the other side (if you have a lot of meat you might have to do multiple pans but the cooked meat can be set aside and covered to keep the heat). Once onions are mostly cooked, stir in peppers and mushrooms and continue to cook. When peppers and mushrooms are mostly cooked, take meat from Pan 2 and mix into Pan 1. Throw strips of provolone cheese on and when melted stir it all together. 

Then you take your baked potatoes out of the oven, cut them open and put meat, cheese and vegetable mixture over top and eat!

(Brilliance and simplicity of this recipe go to the credit of Benjamin Rex TeWhiti Lowry)


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

I may or may not have just salivated. That sounds delish.

Royall said...

This is perfect, I even have some steaks in the freezer. I think I'll give a shot tonight.