Friday, March 5, 2010

AB Highlights

Large cousin gatherings where I get to see in real life my favorite people to blog stalk

Mormon Fight Club. Nuff said.

Daddy Daughter Runs.
Even tho it only 
happened once.


Being an awesome finder of things lost.
Bonnie's winter hair.
Its magically delicious.

Remembering that time when Cody was always straddling Bonnie.
I still laugh about it.


The Leishmans.
Monday Bachelor with Scott.
February gym with Bonnie.

These three girls.
I hated New Years. But I loved these three.
The epic snow cave.

Tea with the girls.
Mini golf in the Leishman Picture Butte home.
Celebrating holiday cheer in style.

These little slave drivers.

An epic date with a boy that liked me.

Ben's love.
I dont know how else to describe it, but being 
home allowed me to witness Ben.
I love how he was with Ryder, or the cousins.
Its a shame not many people see him for who he really is.
They cant seem to get past his defensive bluster.
But he's brilliant and so very loyal.

Being brave.

Calgary Shenanigans

Welcoming Baby Girl.

Annual Snowboard Trip

Maybe I'm awful, but for me funerals are never sad.
They're a time when everyone gathers to be together.
You spend time with each other and laugh and drink in being family.
And there's nothing sad about it.

Roast off.
Everyone wins in a roast off.

Reading parties.
My father 
(brothers, aunts and uncles) 
may mock me for this
but I loved this.

This here is a solid kid.

Nobody beats the younger generation trifle.
And I dont usually even like trifle.
Dear Katie.
When she loves me the world feels right.
But when she doesnt... Dont even get me started.

Dance Parties.
These children are ridiculous.
Ridiculously hardcore dancers.

Last but definitely not least...
She made going to work everyday fun.
I laughed alot. Seriously a ton.
And even though I'm ridiculous, she ran with it.
We ate lunch together everyday.
We hid out in GA.
I adore so much about Alaya.


Erika said...

I feel like I like everything about this.
1. I love lists
2. I love highlights
3. LOVE the content
4. I love looking back an realizing all the awesome things that have happened
5. I love the pictures and commentary.
6. I love you!

Alaya said...

Of all the posts i've ever back-stalked/read, this is my favorite. Love the pictures, love everything. Hahaha, I was reading it...and the more I read, the more I was like 'come aren't giving me a shoutout? Really?!' All I get is a creeper in the background half face shot in your fight night pic? ....Din't make the Ten list, ...didn't make the 20 list... then I got to the end and realized you DO love me! Almost as much as I love you. It made my life.

PS. Reading parties AREN'T lame, and you can't spell FUNeral without the word fun.

PPS. I love that we don't have any pictures of us together. And that you had to steal one from my facebook. And when I say 'love' I secretly mean 'Loathe' And in actuality, I do own one or two pictures of 'us'....though there may be one or two other people in them.

Alaya said...

Ok, I loved this post so much, i felt the need to go reread the whole thing. And then I felt the need to comment...again. I miss you.

.Ang. said...

WOW you accomplished TONS!!

I am happy to have made number one!! (not that this stuff is listed in order of importance... or is it?)



Bonnie said...

so i felt a heck of a lot of love with this post.

a. mormon fight club = lethbridge may or may not have some level of coolness attached to it. this def started the christmas season off right.

b. i'm glad that we went on a daddy-daughter run, but with you as your dad, and me as the daughter. i will cherish that run forever.

c. the fact that those 2 pictures shown of my bad hair, were definitely on 2 separate days. and on each occasion someone tried to help me (aka you and trent), and the hair situation still couldn't be remedied.

d. that you actually caught cody straddling me. kinda ridiculous. and we obviously need to get new things for you to laugh about.......

e. the straight up love that you have for your friends.....i feel it. when you have a chance to read the talk from the CES broadcast, you will understand why I laughed and cried over this post.

f. post number 14 - my favourite.

g. 19 - also makes me happy - and corn dogs - i think i'm going to have them at my wedding.......bacon and corn dogs, best wedding ever.

h. one more highlight - pilates at your house - even though it didn't get a direct shoutout - i know you meant to.

Linz said...

I love it dolly!! especially what you said about funerals!