Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Alaya

So I was horrified by your comment (seen here).
So I set out on a quest to prove you wrong.
I was positive we have pictures together.
And so I searched high and lo through my plethora of pictures.
This is what I found.
(FYI all these moments were epic)

This is the closest we have - and I cropped Karlee Hatch out of it... hahah.

Sad to say - you were right. We dont have any pictures of just the two of us. Apparently we arent comfortable being next to each other in a photo without five to ten other people to buffer. That needs to change. So please come to Boston. The End.

1 comment:

Alaya said...


...Sooner or later... It would make a spectacualr road trip. If anyone would come with me.

Ps. I told you i'd comment on old blogs...just to keep you on your toes.

PPS. I finally figured out who to have my pic show up on your followers list instead of me being a generic silloutte.