Friday, March 19, 2010

The Missionary - Part One

My brother Ben is brilliant.

I called home today as I headed to the grocery store. Tomorrow is the big missionary dinner. And since Wednesday my mood towards the event has shifted. 

Several things contributed to this:
1. I didnt have a good idea of what to make. 
2. I realized the potential awkwardness that this dinner could be. 
Everyone that is coming 
(the missionaries, Kelli from upstairs and Ethan my home teacher
are strangers. They dont know each other. 
And none of them know me.
3. There'd be no wingman. Dear Sheila had other venues. Drat. 

So when I called home today, I expected to talk with my mom and hopefully she would help me come up with a plan. But it wasnt my mom who answered. And truthfully I dont ever talk to Ben when I'm gone. Ben never answers the phone, and I would never call specifically for him so this was a rare moment. The conversation started off slow. I asked about school, he asked about school. I asked about dating, he asked about dating (FYI apparently neither of us are doing that). But Ben wanting to talk on the phone is a rare occasion and who was I to fight that. So I told Ben about the missionary dinner and my dilemma. I had an idea of what to make, but I wasnt pleased with it. And I was feeling alot of pressure. Missionary dinners are usually so laid back and chill. But I was starting to feel like people expected a lot from me, and I dont like pressure. But as I roamed the Stop and Shop, Ben and I bantered back and forth about food. His immediate suggestion was a roast. Which might be above my pay grade. Roast just screams domestic. And I tried very hard for years to be anything but domestic. But then he suggested something amazing... Something you'll have to wait to find out what it is. Ben had never done it before, but the idea popped into his head. And so as I walked around the grocery store, he told me what to get. He let me ask him about meat, this vegetable and that vegetable, whether I should get paper plates and what I should do for dessert. An hour and twenty minutes is how long he talked to me. The majority of time he told me what he would do to prepare the meal, and let me ask question after question. And by the time I hung up, I felt alot better. And actually very excited. Ben is a genius. But only wants credit if the meal is a success tomorrow. Cross your fingers all!


Alaya said...

Come now. Why you gotta leave me hangin like that?

Erika said...

Can't wait until part two.

Hearing stories like this makes me wish I had a big brother....