Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moments Caught

Mmk. For real. How darling is this photo?

Also another hilarious moment... when Katie, who became fast friends with my cousin Maraba (who in all fairness is her same age) couldnt find Maraba during the funeral - and started loudly calling "Maraba!" over and over... during the prayer.
I loved that it was crazy loud and that after unsuccessfully getting Katie to stop,
Natalie just laughed through the rest of the prayer (as did I).

Omni and Ryder played Batmans during the funeral... on my lap. 


Linz said...

the best part w/ bug calling meribah ... was when Dave said " katelyn be quite!" to which bug replied " I am being quite!" at the top of her lungs!!!

Melissa said...

Bahhahahhaa... she is such a cheeky child.