Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grateful II

Did you know that my parents (specifically my father) call me twice every week? Cause he does. And its not like he calls for some lame five minute conversation to make sure I'm still breathing. He calls and listens and talks to me. Tonite, we talked for an hour and a half. I love the consistency of it all - that despite it all, my parents have not forgotten me. Its something I really appreciate. That even far away they are taking care of me and me them. Its nice to know. A lot of time I think it comes down to feeling like someone hears you - really hears you. Often I just let my dad chat away and sometimes I think he needs these phone calls more than I do. Distance usually makes the fond heart wander. But not with family. Before I left to come back to school, as I was saying goodbye to my father at the airport, he hugged me and told me that I could always call him if I needed to and that other people may come and go but he'd always be my best friend. I love that level of loyalty, that level of love. Basically I love my dad. 

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Haliaka said...

This is why I like reading your blog. I have lots of brothers and a dad I adore too. not everyone understands what thats really like and how great it is. It's kinda cool when you find someone who does :)