Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TGL Part I

(Tia, Ylanna, Mysha, Jesse, Lindsay)

(Edward & James)                                       (Ben & Jesse)

(Nathaniel, Jesse, Mysha)

(Emma & Makea's Baby, Aunt Margaret & Jessica, Kat, Nim)

                                 (Mysha & Helam)        .
(Shenoa, Tima, Rebecca)

(Lindsay, Maikal, Jesse, Nathaniel, Kyle, Brittany, Ali)

(Ali & Kyle)

(Mysha, Emily, Moroni)
(Teina, Minoa)

(William & Ali)
(Me & Edward)

(Elisha & Neiomi)

(Nim, Edward, Elisha)  .     .     .        .

A few things:
First - Aunt Margaret's younger children have always liked me more than other little children their same age. I'm not sure what it is, but it wins them to me instantly. People like to be liked. As such, I love her children. I used to win over the little ones with food bribery. Little Edward doesnt even need that.
Second - Maikal tells great stories... stories that have us being barely able to contain our laughter. But mostly I love how much Ali and Brit laugh. I'll be laughing along and then I'll look their way and they are killing themselves. I like it alot.
Third - Elisha... is a silly boy. Having Neiomi carry him to and fro... then trying to convince me Edward could pick him up and throw him. But he's rather darling.
Fourth - Anthony's son William has a mean mohawk... au naturel... It is awesome.
Fifth - its crazy how a picture slide show of my father's siblings during various ages shows a lot of repeat genetics in the current generations. We look like those before us.
Sixth - I officially think that strangers should not force hugs on people. If you dont know my name - we arent on a hugging basis. I'll be caught off guard once and will oblige, but I will dodge you every other time with skill and cunning.


Alaya said...

Aww family time!! Love it. You are all so cute. Especially little William. AWESOME hair. Also, I've never taken a picture of a dead person before. I've never had the urge to. But if I ever did have the urge, I would assume it would come at an inappropriate moment, so it stands im thankful i've never had the urge...or a camera... Good on you though.

Melissa said...

mmm.. definitely was my little cousin Minoa who took the picture. I too have never had the urge.

Linz said...

nice recap dolly ... I love uncle John and aunt Margs' kiddies too!!!

ps - Makea's baby is name Sterling