Sunday, January 23, 2011


- I feel very loved and thought of this weekend. Its a really nice feeling to know that people care. Parents, brothers, cousins, and friends who are excited to talk to me and who never cease to let me know how much they care.
- I feel sought after. Its always a good ego boost to feel like you are interesting enough that people want to get to know you better.
- I feel pleased as punch about Tiffany Smith. We talked on the phone. It was magic.
- I feel happy about the friends I've made and am currently making. It was hard for me to make friends in Boston when I first moved. Its been a process. But I really feel like my friendships are coming into their own and I like that a lot. I'm friends with some really amazing people. And I adore them.
- I feel grateful for the ward I attend. It has been a hard transition for me, the Boston single's wards. Cause, truthfully, it was easy in Edmonton to be mormon. I had a great group of mormon friends, I had a great ward that I'd been in for four years. But the switch to LP1 ward has been great for me. And I'm starting to feel more at home in the YSA.
- I feel blessed to have a friend who emails me regularly about healthy habits. I want to be healthier. And I like the daily reminder of that.

There are moments where I feel like I might in fact be invincible. I think its important to recognize and take a moment to really let that feeling sink in. Cause it wont last. It never does. Oh surely, it will probably be gone by tomorrow. But for right now, for right now, I want you to know I'm happy.


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

This made my heart tingle. Im glad we got to talk... the relayed information I get about your life is not enough. Ill hopefully (Im working hard on it) see you very soon!

Celeste said...

Such a wonderful, inspiring post. Glad to see you're doing well!

Royall said...

"Pleased as punch". Haha. I'm going to slip that little phrase casually into a sentence tonight and see if Matt calls me on it (we like to let each other know if a new word or phrase seemed awkward coming from the other person's mouth).