Monday, January 17, 2011

FakeArt and Whatnot

I used to dream about being a great artist. I wanted to learn to draw and paint and be brilliant.
My favorite class in Elementary school was art. Or English.  
But I grew up and felt the cold reality that I wont always be able to do what I wish I could.
Sometimes I'm too busy to practice and therefore not good enough. And sometimes I just am plain not talented enough. I worry that adulthood has made me one dimensional. Thats why when I find someone who inspires me to remember how dynamic I was as a child, with all my interests, I generally enjoy their company. 
And so for a moment I pretend to be more multi-faceted than I really am.
Like that I couldnt figure out how to draw a hand and therefore didnt include it?
Good thing I'm familiar with my own face.


Laura Beth said...

I'd be pretty impressed with myself if I could draw like that. I think that's a great picture!

Michelle said...

Wow Malissa! I never knew you were artistic! Thats amazing!

Royall said...

I never knew you could sketch! I know what you mean about the one-dimensional thing- I used to love writing and I still do but sometimes I am so worried about producing something "good" or "great" that I don't just dive in and do what I love with complete abandon.