Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve was pretty classic. Except for the addition of my Grandma - which was very uncommon. We made chinese food. I was in-charge of making the wontons. Which as it turned out, I was a bit of a bum about. I got distracted by making t-shirts till I wanted to die. But I couldnt stop until they were finished. So my momma made the filling. And Dave, Katie and my dad helped me wrap them. Katie was surprisingly efficient. And a bit of a task master "I done! More! More!" I now see why people used to love child labour. Those little fingers were very very quick and efficient. I did manage to cook them. But aside from the first batch in the oil, they would not brown. Still, they tasted just as good as they always do. So all in all it was a success. 
My family has gotten very proficient at making chinese food. Of course all the beforehand prep helps to make it quick. 
Cashew Chicken, Ginger Beef and Wontons are the staple.
In fact, I wish I had some of that right now.

So to prevent myself from getting all oily when cooking the wontons, my mother tied a table cloth around my neck. And then I decided that having an apron of sorts might not be a shabby idea during dinner. Arent I precious? And yes, I'm pretty sure that table cloth has been around since the beginning of time. 

After dinner and the clean up, we opened our christmas eve present.
I was happy to see the return to the Christmas Eve tradition of pajamas.

For those of you who dont know it, Ryder is a bit of a riot. 
He staged this photo and had me take it to show off his super cool Christmas PJs.

Also please laugh at this video. I know its sideways - I always forget I do not have the technology to turn video right side - but Ryder definitely was like "Auntie Missy... you should make a video of me... K ready go." Its funny people. It really is. 
For real I dont know what he's doing. 
For real I dont know what he's doing. But his little MC Hammer dance is awesome.

Katie was also funny. But then again, she is most of the time.
She was walking on her dad's chest. And uncle Matt wanted a little of that action for his back. Which definitely wasnt gonna happen. So Dave stepped in. Katie always wins if its a battle of wills.

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Royall said...

Wow my family just orders chinese food on Christmas Eve. I like your way better. I might have suggest a diy Christmas eve feast next year. And that food looks sooooo good right now!