Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning!

Having grown up in Alberta, I had no recollection that adverse weather ever actually affected daily life.
Cause in Alberta, you suck it up, leave extra early and trudge. 
So it came as quite the shock to my system upon moving east when occasionally a massive snowstorm will roll through and they'll have these little things called "Snow days". 
Totally a foreign concept to me. I used to dream of having snow days in Alberta. But no matter how much it snowed, nothing ever got cancelled. 

Having entered the clinic though, they have a "no close policy", which basically means that they will avoid closing their doors at all costs. 
So while this email, telling me I dont have to go to class is nice... 
It meant nothing since I had a patient booked for this morning.
This email on the other hand made the snow day official.
So its official.
Its kinda a pain to have it be a snow day... cause I would almost rather have kept my appointment.
But I cant help but have a little child-like excitement at the prospects of it. I mean it has snowed enough for them to cancel EVERYTHING. You cant help but get excited about that, even if it totally ruins all your plans. 

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