Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday is a Yellow day

My mother was very excited to show the grandkids tricks off to me. She got very excited and told me that I had to come listen to Ryder read. Because yes, my little nephew is learning to read. I cant believe he's almost six. Its surreal that he's growing up. Besides the point. Grandma called over the kids and Ryder began reading a little work book that Lindsay made when she was learning to write. It was pretty darling. Katie would "read" alongside Ryder. Of course when it came to the color part she was good. Or the pictures of the things that could be that color. The visual cues helped. But she kept saying every color was a Friday "Friday is a purple day. Friday is a green day..." It was very cute. Ryder and Katie reading aloud kinda blows my mind. I hope that they learn to love reading. When I think about it, I'm pretty sure that I love to read so much because my mother would read aloud to each of us children every night. For hours on end. Each of us kids had a book and if we were quiet and didnt fight, we got to listen to someone else's book. I like that about my mom. And its not until just recently that I realize what a big thing that was. Good thing grandma is around to pass the tradition on to the grandkids. Cause I dont quite have the patience for more than like one children's book at a time.

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Royall said...

You are a master of clean lines- some of mine were kind of fuzzy. I wish I had documented Matt and I's first foray into t-shirt making. Thanks so much for that freezer paper!