Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dental Leathers

I once heard a story. And maybe its been distorted in my mind.
But I feel like I recall my father telling me that when he graduated from dental school, he bought himself a leather jacket. And that that jacket, his dental leather jacket, was something that all dentists should own for themselves. I've always had an appreciation for a cute jacket - regardless of the fabric. But a leather jacket? It just felt like the sort of thing one could only own when finished dental school.
So when I saw this leather jacket.
I would look at it for hours.
It was just beyond beautiful to me. 
I hummed and hawed over whether I should buy it.
It was some sort of leather (which I discovered there are alot of types of leather... horses really are made of leather!) but I am not done dental school.
So I showed by dear friend Alisun. And she laughed at my indecision and gave me a "Are you kidding me? Of course you should get it." So with that gentle push I did. 
And I love it.
You know those days where you leave the house and you think to yourself "Dang... I look good"... and then you hope that the mental picture you have in your head of what you look like matches up with what you actually look like? Well, I believe my first wear of the jacket was one of those lucky days where things line up. 

So here's to my dental leather. I now feel a little closer to being a real dentist.


Alisun said...

Best purchase ever!!!!!
That jacket was made for you!!!!!!!!!!
you so fly!
Seriously tho...I love it and you should wear it every day! :)

Laura Beth said...

That jacket is sweeeeet. A friend of mine has a "fake leather" jacket that is made of plastic. It just doesn't cut it. Congrats on being one step closer!

Erika said...

Seriously, how adorable is that Jacket? You look like a dentist. Or a rockstar. Or just amazing.

I can't decide.

Julie said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!! you look way better than the model, by the way. and you are so a real dentist. i love it!