Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dec. 22 - Fana Board




Tiffany had been hanging out on the bunny hill trying to get the hang of snowboarding. She's a skier but because of a little prodding from us she decided to try snowboarding again. It took a little convincing to get her to come on the big hill. 
If you think she looks nervous in this picture - its cause she was. She kept saying "Oh no. We're going higher?" It turned out good though.  
Tiffany and I had a darling moment though, where we danced our way down the hill. I was attempting to help her learn how to carve. It was fun. Though I dont know if it really helped. But who knew that you could snowboard interlocked like that and have it not result in you wiping out every turn. 

Jesse looks like he's missing a million teeth. Its not true. He just happens to have like fifteen mints in his mouth. 

I swear, in every picture just about, Will has his hand up. Its become his thing. Which we now all do. 

Curious what this is showing?
Well, we saw this leaning house on our way to Will's house. We were taking a short cut road. And as we drove past, Jesse called out that the house would be a perfect spot for the group shot we forgot to take at the ski hill. So Matt slammed on the breaks and reversed and we all jumped out. But balancing a camera on a fence post to get a group shot was a little dodgey at first. I just love that Tiffany and Iohane were cheering me on to make it in the picture - especially that Tiffany is showing me how to run. 

We figured it out though. 

After snowboarding we always stop at Uncle John's house. Its tradition. I love their family so much. And Edward and Jessica were hilarious. Though Eddie pretty much destroyed Jessica (despite being like three years younger). My favorite little move he pulled was he ran full speed to the group of us sitting on the kitchen floor and then he did the classic "slide across the hood of a car move" - except it was over Matt's legs. 

I dont snowboard often (once a year is pretty much my max). But I love the cousin posse. They're just so much fun. 

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