Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

- It gets so hot in clinic that my nose starts to run. Seriously, I'm wearing a mask and gloves and therefore dont want to touch anything on my face - especially since they've been in someone else's mouth. Good thing masks keep my germs away from the patient just as much as they keep the patients germs away from me.
- Having a professor try to convince me to have a meltdown about my current situation in school... Hi, prof? Leave me alone. I have my meltdowns on my own schedule and your prodding is just weird. Lay off.
- Writing a sufficiently dramatic letter, full of every "Woe is me" in the book. Sometimes I get carried away... its a bit much. Good thing I have enough sense to wait till later to determine if I should send super dramatic letter. [SPOILER ALERT: I dont send it]
- As I get my Paper Topic Approved, the Prof goes "Wow, sure are a lot of you who picked this topic.. the last three people that came in had the exact same topic." Um prof? Thats cause those are all my friends, and we decided to choose the same topic so we could share the research. Allowed? Not allowed? Well we arent asking for permission either way...
- My safety glasses getting caught in my hair and pulling a random strand of hair out of my ponytail. Now I know why one of my roommates once told me girl dental students arent cute :(
- The rumor around the school is that because of the patient shortage my entire class will be graduating late (since we cant get enough patients to do our requirements) - Hello new Class of 2013.
- When someone at the gym stands right in front of you and stares while they wait for you to be done with the machine you're using... I have a personal bubble... and you are in it. Dont you know gym etiquette? It actually requires you pretend like you arent waiting and wander around a bit until I'm gone.
- Having not seen either of my roommates once since being home from Christmas... its been more than a week. I mean I've heard them outside my room... cause they are definitely in the house. But I'm totally a separatist.
- My group telling everyone about our prof. asking us to add a thing or two to our powerpoint, with the assumption that we were going to be presenting and then not getting picked to present. Guess we all thought we were teachers pet or something... whoopsie.

- Not having to do our presentation... because it is low budget and really crappy... cross your fingers that next week we dont get chosen either.
- Tucking my pant legs into my socks, and leaving it, so as to avoid the horrendous wet-pant-leg-bottom. Ya, my pant legs were BONE DRY.
- Offhandedly mentioning to my clinic supervisor that when I graduate I want to go on an adventure and him getting so enthusiastic about what a great idea that is... to the point where he gave me a little direction if I feel the need to pursue it. I've been wanting SOMEONE to get excited at the possibility of an adventure instead of just telling me that I need to be mature and responsible when I graduate. Um yello... I've been mature and responsible for the last 25 years... I think being a reckless vagabond is due.
- Waking up after only two and a half hours of sleep and letting adrenalin carry me through the day. Yup, sometimes the clinic rush is EXACTLY what I need.
- The school cafeteria quesadillas. They are divine.
- Getting another filling done. "I will get my requirements. I will get my requirements."
- Daily emails encouraging me to be healthier and better than the day before.
- After two and a half years, finally figuring out how to make my scanner work. Now if I could only figure out replacing the ink in it, my printer might actually be useful again.
- Deciding to schedule posts. Hello, freedom. I blog when I feel like it and then just post them to different days. That way there's no pressure to blog when I'm busy or not feeing it. Its brilliant.

Thanks to Sydney at The Daybook for the AWESOME idea
of an awkward and awesome thursday. She's kinda great.
And I want her clothes. 


Candace Stevenson said...

I love the daybook! I just did my list too. I love all those first pictures you put up! sooooo artistic. and I heart photography

Dani said...

Just so you know, I am TOTALLY in support of you going off on some adventure when you graduate... do it, I promise you won't regret it!! Just make sure you don't take someone who's going to hold you back!