Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Dec. 23 - The tale of the t-shirt...

Once upon a time a Christmas present was needed. The people searched high and low and wracked their brains for the perfect idea. But nothing seemed just right. That is until, one Brandon Hearty, told a wonderful tale of a dream saying that was seen on a locker and suggested it could be put on a t-shirt. 

This sparked such excitement in the people. 
They became so enraptured with the idea of making t-shirts.
Such a simple idea. But so very perfect. And if one t-shirt could be made, why not more?
The more they thought of the idea, the more enamored with it they became.
T-shirts. Wonderful, unique, group t-shirts.
Nothing says you love the moments you share together like matching t-shirts.
So despite the late hour, they went to their nearest Superstore and picked out t-shirts of all colors. They tried to remember to include everyone that was near and dear to their hearts. Especially since the last Season oriented t-shirts (Summer Fun 2007) had left a few people feeling excluded. 
Original Summer Fun 2007 Members
Maikal, Soren, Matt, Ryan, Melissa, Stefanie, Alison
(But even with such forethought a few people were forgotten and their shirts made a separate day).
As they drove they brainstormed what to put on their t-shirts.
"Mamma I Hungey" (a wonderful 2010 christmas saying) got vetoed almost instantaneously.
Around eleven o'clock at night they arrived in Magrath and began to make the t-shirts. The Baby Seal shirts for the christmas presents. And Winter Festivus 2010 for the group.
The group worked hard. They exacto'd out stencils (some with greater skill than others *cough I really suck at exacto knives cough*), ironed stencils, painted stencils - all with the promise of fun t-shirts nigh at hand. It got late and they continued to work. Parents phoned wondering where their children were and if they were ever coming back. But the people were tireless... ok maybe not tireless - but they continued.

Treats were made - no bake cookies.

Finally management called for an end. Twelve or thirteen t-shirts had been made. With still three to four to go. So with no-bake cookies in hand the people set out to their beds - waiting for the day when all the t-shirts would be complete and the greatly anticipated Winter Festivus shirts could be finally worn.

That day came...

And being a total photo junkie - I made Matt and Tiffany pose for pictures in front of the Christmas tree... As the entire family stood behind commenting. Poor Matty's smile was criticized for not being more enthusiastic.
But with the addition of Kaleb - it beamed.

Everyone commented on how to achieve a Christmasy ambiance. 
A maglite and silver bowl were all it took to set the mood.

I just love Nicole and Matt's faces in these. And the fact that I appear pigeon-toed in the first photo. Thats awkward.

But all good things must come to an end.
Sometimes I almost feel bad for Matt. Cause he really hates having his photo taken. And he happens to be sistered with someone who would paparazzi him to death if given the option.
All joking aside - Matt was for real mad at me for the rest of the night because I made him take so many photos. He'll thank me later though for documenting his life. 

The only disappointment of the t-shirts?
The fact that we had everyone together, wearing their t-shirts and we didnt get a group shot. 
It kills me inside a little bit. 

And yes... Lindsay and I made Ryder a Winter Festivus shirt and Katie and Reese shirts with the Winter Festivus logo (a snowflake) on it. I love matching shirts.

(Note: Not everyone received a Winter Festivus shirt - but it doesnt mean we dont love you)


DB said...

How did you get the letters so perfect and the colors as bright as they were? Great job!

Melissa said...

We used freezer paper (which has one side waxed) and then we ironed it onto the shirts and painted towards the middle so the edges would be sharp. Also we found paint pens at Walmart that were totally awesome - with neon colors and everything. SUPER SUPER easy to do!

Shelby Lou said...

These shirts look professionally made! You did a fabulous job!

You are so pretty!

Kaleb said...

Melissa, what a great post. Your commentary was spot on. It was great to be able to visit with you and the rest of the clan, and I enjoy bringing a little holiday cheer to those around me.
Good Luck this Semester!!