Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yum Yum now

Attention Attention.
Lethbridge AB has now opened a
And its amazing.

But I go there with my two besties... And this is the stunning conversation I get.

Thanks kids.

Just kidding. They are addicted to their phones tho... well Cathy for sure. Not sure about Bon Tron.


amy said...

At least things don't change much in Lethbridge...and Bonster, LOVE the hair. A picture has been long awaited for.

Cathy said...

ahahaha call me conceited, but during todays visit to your blog I noticed my name on your sidebar of linked words. So I followed it to see what 7 posts contained me. The post of our Calgary trip when we first met Peter and we met at the mall and stayed at the Wilderman's was seriously a great weekend. I love the final pic there. I forgot about it. And it made me happy. However - I totally don't think I ever saw this post! So now I feel obligated to apologize for my phone addiction and being such lousy company. Because I truly am. But this post made me laugh. In a guilty reminiscent way.