Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello Graduands!

So Cathy wanted me to come witness her life since her fam couldnt be there. She is officially graduated from Dental Hygiene Diploma. My best friend is a career woman. All grown up and cleaning teeth.

Now you cant deny that Bonnie should cut her hair. She'd look great with short hair. Its freaking awesome. Bon Tron - please cut your hair.

I got to go to the Convocation Brunch. Hip hip hurray.
So funniness. I was playing with Cathy's cap and saying things like "Imma graduand!" And the grad photographer totally started to take pictures of me... Cathy was like "You are a fake grad! Liar"... Kinda funny.

The mormons do grad. They are so cute and matchy. And Bonnie told Cathy not to wear black. Good thing she didnt listen.

We love grads. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I get to see this face on a daily basis. Arent I lucky?

We love jumping photos. But Bonnie may have kicked Cathy out cause she sucked at jumping.

Bonnie may have been right.
But jumping led to many other things... like a mini photoshoot.
Sometimes I'm brillant. I'll say it.

I make these girls look good.

This is perfection for Cathy... replicating it for Bonnie was quite the trial.

Bonnie though is the perfect little broken doll. She's adorable.

I showed Bonnie the America's Next Top Model pose of perfection...

Her try was hilarious. Really Bonnie? You cant bend any further? Oh my.

Cathy may have gotten a few hoots and hollers... especially when we put her on top of the institute sign. Many a stare occurred.

Bon Tron really wanted a photo with this pole.

When my camera died, we decided that a full on photo shoot needed to happen.

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