Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So You Wanna Be A Baller?

Slingshot Paint Baller that is.

Ed - my new friend is the greatest for coming up with this idea.
We needed something to do on a Monday night. What better thing to do than go down to the river bottom and crawl through the shrubbery and roots to nail someone with a paint ball. With a slingshot.

Oh! It is heaven.
I mean who doesnt love safety goggles (which P.S impair my peripheral vision to the point where I can only look straight down as I move about - yup I'm a handy)

Cath, Me and Jeb (Jeb is a freaking Hardcore... its scary - trust me.)

We'se girls are tough!

So for the first round of 3 on 3 on 3... Me, Bonnie and Ed got out. Yup. Our team was brutal. We did redeem ourselves on the last round. But we still didnt win. Dang Harrison (in Red) totally destroyed Bon and I. Crap. Guess I need to work on my slingshot skills...

Amy knows how to strut her stuff.

This game will never end. We're hardcore like that.

While I maintain that this game isnt really all that violent... well... we had our violent moments. Many a head shot occurred. Bonnie - got hit twice. Ed - got hit twice (yup... they definitely hit each other).. and poor poor Cathy - Bonnie just missed the glasses and got her right in the widows peak. I would say it was skill - but having been on Bon's team, I may change that to luck.

So the game may have ended... but the hitting each other didnt. Our excuse? We had to use up the left over paint balls.

So Bonnie - as we are driving, turns back to Cathy and goes "Cathy - you should really shower at my house. You're hair is DISGUSTING."

And Cathy is a little shocked...

So she replies "Bonnie - have you looked at your hair? Melissa - take a picture so she knows what she looks like."
Yup.. they both decided to veto the shower once this pic came out.

Rachel here is all smiles. Despite the fact that she majorly rolled her ankle being all stealth for paint ball. Sure.. her ankle caused the fun and games to end... But I did nail her in the neck with a paint ball... so we'll call it fair?

Sometimes I get to be the big strong man in our group of friends. Its pretty much amazing.

One of these things does not look like the other... Poor Rachel. Her ankle swelled up immediately.
On the upside, she doesnt have to work this week? Mostly cause she cant walk.

Yup. We're Ballers... Sling-shot paint ballers... And we love it.


Bonnie said...

ha - this is one of my favourite posts yet!

Diandra said...

so jealous I missed it. favorite pic was the one with bonnie, melissa and ed where everyone is looking upset/sad. bonnie pulled it off very nicely.

Cathy said...

I really shouldn't have vetoed the shower... the next day was the ONLY day in the history of my entire life I slept in for school. Even with no shower, I was 30 min late for our final project presentations and missed my group presenting. It was pretty easy to convince the teacher I dove out of bed and straight there when I woke up. Sick mess.