Saturday, June 20, 2009

Far East Asia

So Cathy and I head down to Calgary Thursday night. We arrive and go to a good friend of Cathy's. Erin Wilderman is in Cathy's dental hygiene program and well... Cathy speaks more than highly of her and her entire family. And I found out for good reason. They really are just amazingly kind, generous and HILARIOUS people. And I loved every second. To walk into a stranger's house and instantly feel welcomed... something I hope to one day be able to accomplish.

Anyways, not ten minutes from being there all the sudden they had Cathy all dressed up.
Shoes, kimono, high bun, chop sticks and samarai sword.

And they couldnt let me miss out on this special moment.
So we bowed.
Took up our fighting positions.
And waged a epic battle.

All in all, this moment was ridiculous. But made me think of my asian cousins. So I hope I did you all proud.


Bonnie said...

my cute asian friends....

Cathy said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I love us. We should visit the Wildermans again, I stinkin miss those people.