Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love and Waterton VI

So lets intro the boat crew.
This is Darin Harding.
The only reason I know him is because he is dating our next person... Diandra aka D
Together they make Double D.  They are in LOVE (to the point where you catch romantic moments you were NOT meant to see).  And hilarious.  

Next is Scotty Leishman.  The only one I dont have a single just him photo of.  Whoops
He is a freaking catch.  He cooks, he cleans and his dry sense of humor is always ready with a big zinger.  He was my dream boat boy in my first year... Third year I found out we are like fourth cousins or something like that.  Shoot.

Then there's Cathy.
Oh Cathy.  How I love this girl.  She loves the outdoors, Waterton and best of all... pictures.  I'm not sure how I ever went without being her friend.  I ADORE her. 

Currently she is dating, Ben Spackman.
A few things about Ben.
He likes wakeboarding, wearing scando-super-skimpy swim speedos (believe me its awkward), being shirtless with his shirt turban and fighting with me and Bonnie over who is Cathy's Bestie... we maintain he cannot have two titles... he can either be the boyfriend or the best friend.  He needs to leave room for the rest of us to have a spot.

Of course there's me.
I am not really a sunscreen wearer.  As such me and being the same color as my hoodie is very common.  I love all things funny and was never a Waterton person until Cathy and Bonnie.

Last but not least.  Bonnie.
This girl right here is SO FUNNY.
Bon tron.  There is no one like her and I wouldnt have it any other way.  Is there anyone else in the world who so perfectly can understand my inner awkwardness... I think not.

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