Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love and Waterton IV

Team A has just finished Round 1 of Cameron Creek in a dinghy.  It is amazing.  We are ready for Round 2.  When we see Team B show up... with canoe in tow.  We look at them, and the two HUMUNGOUS rocks down stream and go... They are DEAD.  Do they not see those two rocks? Are they crazy?  Canoes are not stable.  They are tipping for sure.  We are standing on the opposite bank counting everything they are going to lose.  Nima's hat, Cody glasses, the towels, the paddles, Every sandal... the list went on.  We just shook our heads.  They all seemed so joyfully unaware of what they were getting into.  Why spoil that?  Plus... sometimes massacres are fun to watch.  I mean the strangers standing next to us video-ing it definitely agreed. 
They were so hopeful at this moment... Right before they launched in, Amy said she looked up at us on the other side of the creek and we were all looking at them like we knew something she didnt.  
Which of course we did. 

Hello ROCK #1 - At this moment they know this is not going to end well... I mean Cody is the only one paddling... everyone else is crapping their pants looking at that HUGE rock.

They got stuck sideways on this rock... and then the current started to push their back end down the river... and They started heading backwards down the river towards... 

ROCK #2 - Also known as the canoe killer... They were goners. 
They are getting a nice big drink - and they all thought they would make it... this trip lasted a total of like 10 seconds. 

Cody Pollock refused to give up on the canoe ride... and went all rodeo style on it... Riding the half sunken canoe down until he pulled it ashore.

No wonder he was called Road Kill as a child (and adult - who are we kidding)... He laughs in the face of danger and convinces others that it doesnt exist (poor Amy and Raquel didnt know what they were getting into)... when it clearly does. 

There were only a few minor casulaties.
1. Amy's legs... poor girl had more cuts than an emo teenage girl.
2. An orange towel from Bon Tron's Cabin... It could not be saved... despite the effort given.
3. Our ears... Raquel's scream was piercing... to the point we thought she was being dragged under the canoe.
4. Logan Steeds' healing broken toe was RE-broken.  That couldnt of felt nice. 
5. A pair of nice leather sandals... they were no match for the current. 
6.  Last but not least... the Steed Canoe... with huge cracks down its sides it will not be making anymore river runs. 

These here are the survivors
Ben showed what a man he is by rescuing Amy.
Nima pretended to be a man by saying he rescued Raquel.  Which was false because she got out on the opposite side of the creek.  
All in All, Team Bad Idea, this was a really bad idea.  Funny to watch though.  Very funny.

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