Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mm... Quesadilla

Sometimes I just adore the married peeps who dont cut you off the second they get married. Cause that is my least favorite married people trend. Just cause I'm not in your cool married club doesnt mean I dont support being your friend. So when you find a married couple who still likes you... thats kinda a big deal.
Bren and Jess invited Cath and I over for Quesadilla's... yup... they know how the second food was mentioned I was in.  Mexican food?  Even better.
Making the quesadilla's was fun... and so was eating them.

It was Quesadilla heaven... they have a special grill... like the grilled cheese makers.  

But for Quesadillas.  Greatest gift ever.
I just like these two.

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amy said...

confession: I may have just sat here and read the past 10 posts of your blog. love it. i'm glad we're blogging friends, and real friends.