Friday, June 5, 2009

Love and Waterton I

World.  This is Jack aka Jackson Carter/JC

Scott lent him to us and well... we think its pretty funny. 

Bonnie fell a little in love.

And people probably think we're so weird but we tried to remember to take him everywhere.  
Jack is the source of many jokes.  
Plus... who doesnt love that hair do he's rocking... beard included. 


Vanessa said...

so i just some time and decided to see what you were up to and i have to say that i am some what jealous! it looks and sounds as if you had an AWESOME time!!! so i take it you're back in edmonton. are you just there for the summer? what are your summer plans??? how was school this year in Boston?

Melissa said...

Ya I'm doing an internship here till Middle of July. Then I go back to Boss town.