Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonnie Marie Leishman

Today one of my best friends in the whole world was born.

Fondly known by many names... Bon Tron, Boninator, Bondiggity, Bon Bon, Bonster, Bonnie and Marie... she's really easy to give nicknames to... and for the most part they are all very interchangeable. That's besides the point. I love this girl. Thats the point.

Bonnie and I became friends through Cathy Frache. And it has been magic ever since.

So here's a few things you need to know about Bon Tron:

1. She is SO FUNNY. For real. What makes it even funnier you ask? How about the fact that she prompts people to tell her she is funny. Love this kid.

2. Bonnie is SO DOMESTICATED. She may be competing for housewife of the year. And be a front runner. Seriously anytime I am at Bonnie's house she is the perfect housewife. Minus the marriage part. She cooks amazing meals, she cleans, she gets water and even if I'm demanding she still gets me popcorn, with melted butter.

3. She is a woman of MANY TALENTS. She gave grace at her graduation, sang a song (like an angel), she quilts... and she makes the greatest caramel sauce - guaranteed to melt a heart. We have confirmed that there are many boys that wanna tap that to have one taste of her caramel sauce.

4. Bonnie has a great SENSE OF STYLE... and an unlimited dress supply for every occasion. She is a great friend to have just for the borrowing abilities. Cathy and I may have sniped a belt of hers... that she hasnt even worn yet. She can pull off many looks, from the neon fake glasses to the super high heels and wide belts. Basically Bonnie is a freaking rockstar. Loves her.

5. Bonnie is a MULTI-TASKER. Legs - behind the head. Spoon - horizontal in the mouth. Tongue - in the nose. There is picture proof above. Kingsway found their queen. Easily.

6. Bonnie can open her mouth SO WIDE. Seriously. Crazy wide. I maintain that I know no one out there that can beat her. And we have searched far and wide. With no one to dethrone her.

7. Bonnie is SMART. Valedictorian of her high school. She also knows alot about things out there in the world. I have no use for newspapers and news channels. I have Bonnie. She is a brillant dental hygienist... who will soon have her Bachelor of Science in under four years. She is brillant.

8. She loves to do FUN THINGS. I never am bored if I am with Bonnie. Whether we are slingshot paintballing (and not hitting anything - whoops), doing a crazy photoshoot, sitting in her van talking until her Dad and brother come find her, sitting on her deck in Waterton, watching a movie, searching the racks of a bookstore, Bonnie is thoroughly entertaining and so fun to be around.

9. She is someone to TRUST. I would never doubt that Bonnie has my back. Sure her secret keeping may not always be up to par... but for me it is. I never worry about Bonnie's loyalty. She is one of my best friends.

10. Bonnie is SO FUNNY.

I am so pleased to be able to call Bonnie my friend. She truly understands my inner awkwardness. And that alone would have us being friends for a very long time. But she is so much more than that. So Bonnie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you!

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Scott said...

With some proper stretching beforehand, my mouth can open way wider than Bonnie's.