Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When in Rome... Er Minneapolis.

Several things to notice:
1. This is not Alberta. Due to a lightning storm hanging out over the runway, my flight was redirected to Rochester. I dont even know where Rochester is. But we landed, got fuel and waited for the weather to clear up so we could go back to Minneapolis.
2. That t-shirt is not my t-shirt. Complimentary toiletry bag, complete with free shirt to sleep in... dont mind if I do.
3. This is not the airport. Small victory for travellers everywhere is getting to sleep in a bed when your flights get messed up. I'm really happy to crawl into one of those beds. The right one looks rather inviting.

It is amazing the difference three years can make. 
(Remember this?)
While I may have got mad at the cab company for making me late to the airport, I dont feel that same frantic need to go home.
The weather messing up my plans is no longer a personal assault against me.
It happens.
And at least I have somewhere to stay.
Though I officially think I may suck at travelling.
Because somehow, no matter what the time of year, I have issues.

1 comment:

Alisun said...

You look like a little kid in your night shirt! lol!
Come back soon!!! I MISS YOU!!!