Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charles Street Curlycakes

One Saturday, Lucinda invited me to go walk along a really cool street in Boston.
Going to school in Boston, sometimes it doesnt leave time to actually do cute, fun things in Boston.
So it was a welcome afternoon to walk and browse through all the cute little shops.
Alisun met up with us and we stumbled upon the cutest little cupcake shop.

Being trendy Bostonians, we got our cute to-go cupcake boxes and took them to the Commons to enjoy.
I know the pictures look sunny, but it actually was freaking cold this day.
But we chatted in the sun and ate our delicious cupcakes.
And it was a great break from life.
Seriously how great are these boxes!

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Tia Marie said...

Adam and I went there too, because they make gluten-free cupcakes too! So cute!!!