Saturday, August 13, 2011


Options #1-4

Option #1

Option #4

I got invited to go to this Cotillion thing; Where you learn the dances from the Pride and Prejudice era. I debated what to wear. If I were more of a cutesie girl I would of worn Outfit #1. But for some reason I cannot bring myself to wear a skirt or dress if it isnt Sunday. So I opted instead for Outfit #4. And thank goodness. Because turns out Cotillion involves lots of jumping and shuffling. I felt a little dumb since my coordination skills arent always top quality, but it was fun. Some people were a little intense (Huzzah! - Its making a comeback). But by the time I left I didnt think I could lift my legs another step. Insta-sore. Turns out it wasnt poor living conditions that kept people thin back in the day. Because those dances were a lot of jumping. Shorts were definitely a good choice.

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Royall said...

I like that you chose outfit #4...and that you said "huzzah!"