Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Softball Wrap-Up

You may not know it, but I played basketball grade 9-11 (and did basketball camps for a good five years before that every winter and summer). And truthfully, it wasnt that great of an experience for me. Because while I liked basketball and was good enough to make the basketball team (or in grade tens case, be asked to stay and practice with the team when I was the last girl cut), I wasnt good enough to play games. I spent the majority of those three years working my butt off in practice and then feeling like an idiot every game. If I went in at all, it was usually in the last five minutes when the game had already been decided. Or to give someone else a breather for thirty seconds mid-game. If the game was close? Forget about it. I might as well have not been there. And usually it felt like my coaches would of rather I wasnt there. Because while I could practice my free throw and run till my legs were dead, it didnt matter in a game, because game pressures are much different than practice, and playing under pressure takes practice too. And when I did make it on the court I was usually too shell shocked that I was actually on the court to be of much use. I even told my family to stop coming to the games. Because watching me sit on the bench or play for the last thirty seconds was embarrassing. To sum it up, my basketball career was garbage. There was always one or two other bench warmers with me. And while we pretended not to care that we never got a chance, we hated every minute. No matter how well we did in practice we still werent good enough to play in actual games. Not unless we were up by 20 or conversely down by 20.

I have never forgotten how terrible playing basketball felt. Not when I played rugby and was actually pretty good. I never got over the shock of coaches actually wanting me to play during the games. Or thinking I was good.

As such, I dont play a lot of team sports anymore. And I hate competitiveness and pressure since that usually indicates that I'm not playing. Because most people will do anything to win. But just because I'm not that great and joke about my lack of skills, doesnt mean I dont try hard and dont want to play just like everyone else.

I will say this, playing basketball taught me a lot of things about perseverance and continuing to try and work hard, even if you dont get the results you want. But sometimes you just want to be part of the team.


The Softball Finals
It was immediately a tense atmosphere as we began this game. We had played this team before and they had walloped us. They really didnt have any weak players and some of their players were down right amazing. They hit well and they pushed the bases. So to come up against them in the finals was a little intimidating. Even just watching them warming up was intimidating. But we arent the same team that played them before. I would say that we make a lot more plays now. And usually none of us are terrible at hitting. They hit well. But we fielded well. Our hitting wasnt always the greatest. But we had our moments. But it wasnt like our usual games. It was very very tense. No jokes. Just stern intensity. Was it my favorite game? No. I tend to appreciate more the games with a laid back atmosphere, where we still play well and win, but dont forget that we play to have fun. Am I still sad that we lost? No, its been like two hours and while I like softball, it has no bearing on my life. And we lost to a really good team. I think our team played really well. But they were better. And there's always next year.

Of course, I got another team shot. To me, this is a better showing of the team.
Mostly because it includes Alisun.

Dr. Moran came out to support our team.
Which was awesome.
That man is awesome.
Best faculty ever.

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