Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surprise Surprise

For Matt and Tiffany's wedding I wanted to do something special.
And I wanted it to be a surprise.
Cause sometimes I like surprises (at least when I'm doling them out).
Via blogs, I found a lovely artist - Emma aka Bambieyez and got the idea to get a custom piece of art done. I sent her a bunch of pictures and she worked her magic. 

The Finished Product

The Original

Some close ups

At first I wasnt sure how I felt about it.
Because I truthfully was picturing in my mind something different, more like what Lauren had done. But the more I looked at it and talked about it with my mom and Alisun, the more I realized how much I like it. Its just so unique. And really, Emma is amazing for putting her own flare to it and working with the vague idea of what I wanted but managing to have it still look like Matt and Tiff and turn out so great. So I have to thank Emma for doing such great work!
Pretty much I wish I had a reason to get a portrait done for myself!


brock + amy said...

that is so cute melissa!- what a great idea! I bet they love it!

Alisun said...

Such a great gift idea!!!! I legit want one of me haha!!

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

How did I fail to comment on this? I have been slacking. We finally put up pictures tonight and this one is front and center. I love love love LOVE it. Your a really awesome present giver. Love you!