Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rock and Roll

Its moderately hot.
Its humid.
And tomorrow its supposed to rain all freaking day.
Yup. Figures the weather would mirror my anxiety over this half marathon.
I quite literally might die.
Guess I shouldnt of been a huge slacker the last month.
Been nice knowing ya.
Just know I completely deserve the upcoming death, because I am completely unprepared for this race.


Royall said...

I feel your pain- I'm starting to have mild hyperventilating attacks when I think about my upcoming doom too. I also think I might die.

P.S. Where did you find a modest white v-neck? Is it a mens Hanes?

Melissa said...

Indeed it is a mens Hanes t-shirt.
I love those tees. Because they are cheap and look pretty cute.
And turns out, even if you arent super well prepared, you probably can still run a half marathon. At least thats my experience.