Sunday, August 7, 2011

Providence RI Rock & Roll Half-Marathon

I am a poser runner. I know I give off the impression that I might be hardcore... but I'm really not. When I tell you I run really slow, I'm not being modest. I'm being honest. For some reason though, people always over estimate my abilities. So signing up for this half marathon was kinda a big deal for me. I'm not a big runner. Small distances are still challenging to me.

I meant to train hard for this half. I meant to be a running machine. But somehow I seem to manage to fall short when preparing for big events. And not running seemed like a much better plan than running for the last few weeks. I guess after my 10 mile run, I fell apart and was pretty over running long distances. But there was still the matter of the half I'd signed up for.

The last three weeks I have managed to get one short run a week in. And I had to call that good. Even though those runs really sucked. So to say I was near hyperventilating over this half would be an understatement.

I woke myself up sleep talking last night. I dreamt about not running the half. And my stomach proceeded to be tense and full of hideous stomach flips. I was physically ill. Why I always am so ill prepared for big moments is beyond me. I guess cause somehow I always manage to make it through. But if a half marathon ever happens again, I swear I'll do a better job training for it. Cause this was rather unbearable.

I had a solid amount of acid reflux for the first 7 miles. My ankles hurt like a banshee. And mile 10 and 11? I dont even want to talk about how horrendous they were. But I kept running. Even when the run/walkers continued to leap frog around me. It poured rain the entire run. I might as well of gone swimming for how wet I was. But rain is greater than unbearable heat. So I count myself lucky. Because I'm not sure I could have done it in the heat. I only had to walk for a very short stint (0.3 miles) in Mile 11. Because I was over this whole half marathon business by Mile 11. But I kept telling myself I only had a couple more miles and that I could do it.

And indeed I did.

FYI: This Race started at 7am. That is hella early.



I have run a half marathon. 13.1 Miles in 3:06:13.

It wasnt pretty by any means.
But I now know I have it in me to do it.

And look at the huge medal I got.
Pretty flashy.

Things to note:
I totally forgot a shirt to run in. So yes, I just wore the shirt I wore Friday.
My shoes definitely still had little rubber bits in them from playing softball - dang that turf field with its tiny rubber chips that hide in your shoes.
Run/walkers drive me crazy. Mostly because I hate passing people only to have them pass me thirty second later. 
Running while completely soaked is a bit much, but on the plus, you definitely dont have to worry about spilling water on yourself at the water stations.
I intensely dislike when the route winds past another part of the race. I dont want to be able to see the people who are like two miles ahead of me running. Its super disheartening to just pass the Mile 10 mark and have loads of people running past the Mile 12 mark in the opposite direction. Even worse was passing the Mile 11 mark and seeing people headed to Mile 13. 
Post-race bagels are the food of Gods. Even in the pouring rain. 


Royall said...

WHOO! WHOO! You are awesome! I can't believe you ran in pouring rain the whole time. Were the bands still playing? And I can't believe you ran the whole time (because 0.3 miles doesn't count). I will be in the annoying running/walk camp because I think I am addicted to walk intervals in my long run workouts now. I am feeling a little bit better about my half- mostly because I have done my 10 mile run (my longest training run).

Cindy said...

You go girl.. and you are a runnergirl you didn't give up that is what makes you a runner :) great job!!!!