Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Semi Finals

Last night was our semi-final game. And me being the eager beaver that I am, I pestered John all day to send an email to the team about getting a team photo. Cause I'm all about group shots. 
So being the sport that he is, John sent out an email: 

"Just to let you know, our second game this Monday has been changed
to 7:15 due to a scheduling conflict. Let me know if you're coming or not
If you haven't replied yet, please let me know...
We dont have a team as of now.
Also Melissa wants a team photo 
(I think she's assuming it'll be our last game). 
If you cant make the game, come late for the photo!"

First off: I deny ever thinking it would be our last game (except we've never made it to the finals before and John told me we were playing a really hard team... so draw your own conclusions)

Second: I admit to being a picture fanatic. 

Third: I never email John back to let him know I'm coming to the game.
To be fair, I've also never missed a game, but apparently my lack
of hardcoreness always keeps people guessing to whether or not I'll actually show up.
(which is a. funny - a girl shows up late to one game and suddenly everyone thinks she's a flake and b. ridiculous - seeing as sometimes we wouldnt have enough girls to play if I didnt come, no amount of wishy-washiness would actually make me bail when the friendly's legit need me)

I will say this.
Despite being one of the reject players on my team (considering I cant catch a ball in outfield to save my life most games) and the fact that I've been hating on softball for this summer session, the playoff games this season have been REALLY fun. Like some of the funnest games we've had. And I totally had one hit each game where I hit like a boy. Sure it was a weak pansy boy, but a boy hitting into the outfield nonetheless. And its been fun. 

Krysta here works at the front desk. 
She is awesome.
Her dog is racist though.

 So this isnt a full group shot:
Missing - Alisun, Seth, and Amit
(Back) Mike, John, Andrew, Dr. Moran, Krysta, Moira
(Front) Dee, Adam, Aaron, Sabrina, Meag, Melissa, Derrick

Oh.. and the game? No big deal but we totally won.

We're going to the ship!

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