Monday, August 29, 2011

Matt's Wedding - Things That Made This Wedding Awesome

Aren't they precious?

The Perfect AB Weather

Cute kids in tutus and colour coordinated polos who also sing cute songs
(though children with slurpees and straws are not to be trusted!)

The speed with which this hug was given and then run away from

Fun groomsmen that are fun
Cartwheel research paying off.

Playing up the cute angle
Mission accomplished.

Friends who don't come for the bride and groom

Cute bridesmaids

Favorite cousin excitement

Faraway Friends

Dear Stefanie Bissett Hyde.
If I had a picture of you with the happy couple it would go right here.

A romantic groom with secret talents

A program that doesn't suck.
Hawaiian dancing
Slightly cheesy MC'in
Children singing
Awesome movie depiction of their courtship (complete with catchy tune!)
Is it wrong to say I loved it all?

Cute decorations that are also easy to take down

Family represent!
It honestly was amazing how many aunts, uncles and cousins made it out to the wedding.
I kinda love my family.

The mountain man
I don't care that he didn't dress in wedding colours.
Or that he refused to shave on principle.
A little bit I look at these pictures and love his beard.

Nicole Smith
Love this girl.

Pretty girls.
My cousin Tessa did Linz hair. And I have never seen it look better. I loved it.
And am a little proud of my personal shopping skills... Lindsay's dress?... found that. My mom's blazer? Bought that. 

Oh cuteness!

Real Smiles
Look how flashy Matty's straight teeth are... yup, he got his braces off four days before his wedding.
Nothing like a close call.

Seriously. Could Tiffany be any more beautiful? 

These hooligans

I just like us.

Time and all eternity.
That is no small feat.
And the love my brother has for Tiffany
never ceases to amaze me.
I'd love to say I taught him everything he knows
but my brother's love and ability to sacrifice
are things that I aspire to emulate one day.

Let me set the stage.
The program is coming to a close.
The bride is now going to throw her bouquet.
An invitation to all single girls goes out.
No one moves.
My name is called out.
"Melissa, come on up..."
I stand up and move to the front of the room.
And not a single other person moves.
I look around me and the entire room stares back.
David Alan quips about me being the only single person in the room.
And I die a little of embarrassment.
Photos are taken.
And after letting the moment wash over me thoroughly,
other single girls filter their way up.
Thanks single ladies of the wedding reception.
But I know everyone else got a good laugh so it was alright.
But awkward... ohhh it was awkward.

The Familia
I missed Josh.
And wished Dave made it into more photos.
Or that we got a "sister" shot with the four of us sisters.

The Smith Familia
I love that there is now a bond between the Lowry family and Smiths.
Because these people are solid.

Good wedding, right?


Cathy said...

Oh I love this. Too much to comment because there's too many comments to make and all I can think about right now is Ben's beard and how awesome the hula dancing was. I want to learn to hula like that. And look like that. And I was there for the bride and groom too. For the record. But the 7 hour drive was all for you ha. I want you to be in my vicinity again. I miss you. Last weekend was a cruel tease of being with you. And Trent came home and asked, "Do you think Melissa's dad was happier than normal? Maybe because of the wedding." Because he seemed nicer. ahahaha

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

I read this post over and over and love it and get tingles over it a little. There are a bigillion things I could say about it. Im not sure what to say yet. But I felt like you needed to know how much I adore it. And you. And that were sisters.

Brittany Curry said...

In my quiet heart of hearts i shed a single tear of joy. For favourite cousin excitements! Maikal